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    • 9ZaZo
      Ver fichero Resúmenes del libro ¿ Que nos enseña la Biblia ? para Isilo Resúmenes del libro ¿ Que nos enseña la Biblia ? Autor 9ZaZo Submitted 21/10/16 Categoría Teléfonos y Tabletas  
    • Staffj
      Ver fichero Sing to Jehovah vs. Sing Out Joyfully Comparison Chart We were sure excited when we learned about the new songbook “Sing Out Joyfully to Jehovah.” Of course, we all knew that it was coming, but none of us had any idea of how extensive the changes would be!
      I’d like to share this helpful chart that outlines all the major and minor changes made in the new song book.    Here are some fun statistics with regards to the new song book. For example, did you know that six songs were removed? The following three songs have been completely omitted from the new song book: GONE
      16 Flee to God's Kingdom
      25 Proof of Discipleship
      51 We Cleave to Jehovah Furthermore, three songs received a complete overhaul. The melody stayed, but the songs themselves have a new theme and entirely new lyrics: OLD    NEW
      94 Content With God’s Good Gifts    78 ‘Teaching the Word of God’
      115 Making Our Way Successful    97 Life Depends on God’s Word
      128 The Scene of This World Is Changing    143 Keep Working, Watching, and Waiting About seven songs received major lyrics changes, namely: MAJOR LYRICS CHANGES
      5 Christ, Our Exemplar
      13 A Prayer of Thanksgiving
      15 Creation Reveals Jehovah’s Glory
      21 Happy, the Merciful!
      73 Love Intensely From the Heart
      84 ‘I Want To’
      98 Sowing Kingdom Seed Finally, 23 songs have had their name changed. Here is an extensive chart that outlines these and all other major and minor changes to the songs Autor Staffj Submitted 21/10/16 Categoría Otros Idiomas  
    • Danielis
      Ver fichero Los Testigos De Jehová Proclamadores del Reino De Dios Les comparto El Libro Los Testigos De Jehová Proclamadores Del  Reino De Dios. En formato electronico para que lo Integren a su biblioteca electronica. Autor Danielis Submitted 21/10/16 Categoría Museo  
    • Sole7
      Muy útil saberlo. Muchas gracias
    • Sole7
      Excelente... maravilloso trabajo, muchas gracias por su arduo trabajo, en verdad lo valoro por que este libro es una verdadera joya que me va a ser de gran utilidad. Mis hermanos que desarollaron este trabajo y a todos mis hermanos de este foro, muchas gracias, no tengo plalabras para expresar mi gratitud. Que jehova siga bendiciendo a todos y a cada uno de los  miembros de este grupo GRACIAS.
    • Staffj
      Ver fichero Weekly Material for Oct. 24--30, 2016 (4 FILES)
      Weekly Material for Oct. 24--30, 2016 (4 FILES)
      Here is the weekly material info. for Oct. 24-30, 2016.    Additional Highlights- Oct. 24-30.pdf CBS Oct. 24-30.pdf MEETING WORKBOOK week of Oct. 24-30.pdf Watchtower -WEEK OF Oct. 24-30.pdf Autor Staffj Submitted 21/10/16 Categoría Otros Idiomas