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Congregation's accounting program.   ACC300  INGLES  3.06 - 2

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Congregation's accounting program.   ACC300  INGLES 

The new versions of the programs with ribbons bars (office 2007 look) require the color setting: Maximum (32 bit).
New version: 3.06 - 2  ( September 22, 2016 ) - Planned for S-30 5/14 (2 pages), T-62 2/10, S-44 12/10, S-26 7/10.
Program's Update via Internet.(Moved the hosting site on aruba.it, upgrade the program from here).
New: S-AB-20-E 3/10 for Africa. At the installation you must select language: English (Africans Forms). Fixed problem: in "Print adjustment",
lack of description of the 'money sent' inserted with 'Q' code in the accounts sheet (also with multiple codes in the same line).

Updating instructions: To update on a existing program, simply install the new version in the same directory of the old version, nothing of your precedent work will be lost. During the update the Account's program must be closed.

New forms:
S-26 7/10, S-30 7/10: download and install the new version of the program.
S-44 12/10: download and install the new version of the program. When program runs, select "S-44-E 12/10" in Dropdown window of "Print's Settings" tab. 

To avoid to see transparent ribbons-bars: right click on the desktop, 'Properties', 'Settings', 'Colors': Maximum (32 bit).


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